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About Mike boma

im a creative freelance designer good experience in Vfx/3D artist/Film maker.

I love the world of computer an science fiction that is why most of my design fall under this category

I've become interested in the incredible possibilities and power of 3D modeling, animation visual effects, motion graphics and rendering packages. These are my main focus now

I would like to thanks again all of you who have donated.i will keep my site and page online and working one more new stuff

I like to say:" you need to know what you're doing before you star, and to star because you need what you are doing"

About us

A&D is a group about deisgn.There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and After effects Tutorials the idea started when mike during is free time at his university create a tutorial based on a 3D on the street and rendered it shared with his friends.other people was think that it was real other who know design was enjoyed it.so he decided to creat a facebook page of Arts and design for helping people who started in photoshop to have some basic about that application and than after some week he joined AE begain to creat tuto and to help people to make professional VFX.so after that some designer joined Arts and design to changed the vision of the word in designing.the company sometime help productor to get some inspiration also helping all new comer to enjoy the new word of designer.We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great design! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you.